25 Microwave Meals

Whether you're too hot to cook a meal or just pressed for time, these clever microwave dishes will get your family fed in a flash - and won't raise the heat in the kitchen!

Simple Chicken & Sausage Paella

"A great spicy meal all cooked in the microwave and in one dish — what could be easier? This is a definite keeper."

-Night Owl

Chunky Chicken Nachos

"I was able to come home from work and put this together in 10 minutes! It tasted excellent."


One-Dish Microwave Spaghetti

"It was fast and I love that. I will use again if in a time crunch."


Salmon Teriyaki

"So easy and quick! We loved the flavor, and the green onion and sesame seeds were a lovely finish."


"Toasted" Grilled Cheese

"Great sandwich. I would have never thought to do a 'grilled cheese' sandwich in the microwave oven. "

-Maryland Jim

Cheesy Tomatoes

"What a discovery. My entire family raved about this dish and has requested that I make it again."


Broccoli Ham Stroganoff

"It turned out excellent. My son, who can be a little picky, ate all that was left!"

-Mike McCartney

Tomato Pizza Soup

"Excellent and easy! To add fun, I let the kids crunch up a few Doritos on top of it and left out the pepperoni."


Microwave Salmon Fillets

"It doesn't get any simpler than this! I'd never microwaved salmon before and was pleasantly surprised how simple and moist this was."


Twice-Baked Potatoes (Microwave)

"I really enjoy twice-baked potatoes, but the traditional method takes such a long time. This is quick and so easy. I used fresh chives in place of the green onions and added in some Greek yogurt too!"


Vegetable Rigatoni

"This wonderful dish is a great way to get those veggies into your diet. The melted cheese really puts this dish over the top!"


Microwave Garlic Prawns

"Wow! If you want something delicious, easy and quick, this is the recipe for you. Made some garlic bread to mop up the sauce, and I haven't heard my husband rave about his dinner this much in quite a while!"


Microwave Fried Rice

"So easy and so very tasty. The simplicity of this recipe would earn it five stars on its own! After a very bad day at work, this was such a great treat to throw together."


One Step Chili

"This is super easy! I love how you can switch up the ingredients and the fact that it cooks so fast!"

-Ms Lady LoLa

Lemony Waldorf Fish Fillets

"This is a brand-new take on fish. I would not have thought to mix Waldorf salad basics with stuffing and then use it as a fish topping! A real delight."


Creamy Ham Casserole

"This recipe is just the thing to help use up that leftover ham. I like the fact that all the ingredients were things I had in the fridge already — no extra trips to the store to buy ingredients for this one!"

-Chef mama

Southwestern Rice Bowl

"This was great for a portable lunch. I took it into work, reheated it in the microwave and everyone at my lunch table thought it looked and tasted fabulous!"


Creamy Microwave Mac and Cheese

"This is the easiest and best mac and cheese I've ever made. Try adding a teaspoon of dry brown mustard and a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce."


Turkey Meatballs

"These have been a staple in my family's diet for three years since I originally reviewed them. Thank you for this delicious, healthy and easy recipe that we all enjoy!"

-Wind in the Canyon

Parmesan & Cream Cheese Pasta Sauce

"Incredibly quick, easy and very rich sauce. A great sauce to add things to; mushrooms, bacon, peas etc."


Microwave Cabbage Soup

"I thought this soup would be fairly ordinary, but healthy. In fact, it was delicious. This is an excellent, flavorful soup."

-Jenny Sanders

Hamburger Patties

"Was looking for something quick, easy and tasty to do with hamburger tonight and found this lovely patty recipe. They were very good and not a lot of trouble to put together."


Veggies & Couscous

"Outstanding! Easy to make, quick and healthy; you can't beat that!"


Chicken Ranch Tacos

"These tacos are so very good. I loved the addition of creamy ranch. The only bad thing was that they disappeared so quickly!"


Broccoli & Rice Casserole

"This was super easy and delicious! The casserole turned out perfectly, and was ready in just 20 minutes!"

-Kim D.