Top 100 Cookie Recipes

Craving a crispy, crunchy treat? In the mood for a moist, cakey morsel? Either way, you've come to the right place. This collection includes everything from chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies and peanut butter cookies to no-bake cookies and lactation cookies, so there's guaranteed to be a treat for everyone. Hungry for more? Check out these simple desserts, or do some sleuthing to discover the secret to restaurant desserts.

Thick, Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

"Delicious! Ten out of ten. I definitely recommend. If you are a beginner at baking you should try this recipe. My whole family loved these. They are the best chewy, soft chocolate chip cookies I have ever had."


Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

"Wow! These are the BEST oatmeal raisin cookies ever!! Soft, moist, chewy and the texture is perfect! These cookies are as good as any bakery sells."


Four-Ingredient Fudge Crinkles

"The rich fudge flavor is exceptional and you can't beat this recipe for ease of preparation and simple ingredients. I almost always have cake mix on hand; I'll have to try other flavors, maybe mix in mini chocolate chips or ground nuts... lots of room for variation here."


The Most Wonderful Gingerbread Cookies

"I made this recipe this year and it is the best. I have tried others but they don’t even come close. I put a cream cheese frosting on top. My family loved them."


Cinnamon Cookies

"These cookies are a hit! Everyone I’ve shared them with have asked for the recipe! They are so yummy and so easy to make. I like to make the dough ahead of time, refrigerate and make later!"

-Kathy K.

Chewy Chocolate Cookies

"I recently tried this recipe to take to work, and they went over extremely well! A friend mentioned putting caramel bits in them, so I tried that the next time I made them. They were even better that way! I did have to add extra flour when I used the caramel to keep them from being flat."


Soft Molasses Cookies

"My grandpa used to make us molasses spice cookies every Christmas when I was a kid, and after he passed away, we didn't have the recipe. When I saw your recipe here just recently, I thought it looked just like what he used to make, and honestly, it is just as good or maybe even a bit better!"


Big Grandma's Best Peanut Butter Cookies

"Great! I used butter instead of Crisco because I was too lazy to go to the store and they turned out beautifully."


White Chocolate Chip Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

"These are probably the best cookies I have ever made and certainly the best I've ever eaten. I love the thin, chewy texture. That is always something I look for when I search for a recipe. The only thing I did different from the original recipe was to simmer, yes simmer, my cranberries in dark rum!"

-brenda b.

Best Pumpkin Cookies

"These cookies are soft and moist and, because the cookie is not overly sweet, the glaze is delicious on them. I used a basting brush to put on a thin layer of the glaze because my oldest always complains about things being too sweet, but not this time... Rave reviews all around."


World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

"World's Best? Probably! You've got my vote anyway! These are really great chocolate chippers. Followed the directions, except I omitted the nuts, and they turned out so good."


Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

"The cookies are wonderful. I agree, the secret is in the 'egg-raisin-soak process'. I have discarded my favorite oatmeal cookie recipe and added this one to my file!"

-Jan Harroun

The Best Snickerdoodles

"It made large cookies and everyone who tried them loved them. They kept asking for more and they were gone in no time. I will definately make again and this time I will double or triple the batch."


Cheesecake Cookies

"Great recipe. Quick, easy and fairly foolproof. Having the topping means that you don't have to worry about cracking on the top. One of my guests thought the topping gave it a slightly toffee-like effect."

-Meredith C-ville

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies

"Fantastic, went from struggling to pump 50ml-60ml to happily pumping 120ml+, have been recommending this recipe to all the new mums I've encountered with supply issues."

-Yolanda B.

Granny's Sugar Cookies

"This recipe is just excellent. The dough is very easy to roll out and the cookies are very light and buttery. You might as well delete the recipe for the frosting, though. They were all gone before I got a chance to frost them."


Chewy Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

"These are delicious and truly addictive. I have made more batches of these this month than I can count. Some with cranberries, some with mixed dried fruits and some with tropical fruits and they were all delicious."

-Sue Magoo

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

"These cookies came out really well! I followed the cooking directions to a tee and they came out nice and soft! I substituted semi-sweet chocolate (sliced) and dried cranberries for the chocolate chips. The berries were a nice kick!"


Eloise's Easy Sugar Cookies

"This recipe truly is worth five stars. I've made dozens of sugar cookie recipes and this one surpasses them all. It's hard to believe because sugar cookies have just about all the same basic ingredients but this recipe makes the chewiest, tastiest, most amazing cookies. And they hold their shape well when baked if you want to decorate them."


The Ultimate Guide to Icing Cookies

Whether you're baking for a holiday—like Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa—or simply celebrating the winter solstice, cookie decorating is a perfect (and delicious) activity for kids and adults alike.

Almond Biscotti

"I looked for my first biscotti recipe with lots of stars and reviews... was not disappointed. These were easy and delicious. No more spending big bucks for gourmet biscotti now that I can easily make my own."

-Connie Stilson

Best Darn Sugar Cookies Ever

"These sugar cookies were awesome. I took them to a family get together and they were well received... none left for the hostess at the end of the day. The kids were taking them two at a time."

-Baby Kato

Chewy Drop Sugar Cookies

"For me these always come out in a dome shape, but that is fine with me. They are sort of cakey, but not overly sweet. My favorite way to have them is with some strawberry frosting and colored sugar on top. Makes a wonderful combination!"


Toll House Butterscotch Chip Cookies

"It was hard to stop eating this dough! This is by far the best cookie recipe in existence. Be sure to place the spoonfuls of dough far apart... mine all joined together."

-KP in Canada

World's Best Cornflake Cookies

"I made these for a Cub Scout campout. We have to be careful due to food allergies. All the boys could eat these. I made nearly 200 cookies and they were gone the first night! Everyone loved them. I think the Scout leader ate a couple of dozen himself!"

-Cooking Mom of 7

Heloise's Cake Mix Cookies

"These are SO simple and versatile. My favorite combo so far is orange cake mix with white chips (Creamsicle!), but I also thought that the funfetti cake mix worked well, as did the butter pecan."


Italian Anise Cookies

"I have been trying to get this cookie right for three years now. I had almost given up. As an Irish girl, I have ZERO experience with this cookie. I ended up using almond extract instead of anise. That's how it's done here in New Jersey, so I've been told. The cookies came out fluffy and cake like and so delicious."


Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cookies

"Wow! Started up with cooking a batch of these and, what with the grandkids running in and out, finally ended up cooking a total of three batches. Great flavor and a nice, soft cookie. One word of warning: Use a strong mixer or do it by hand. An underpowered mixer is going to have a tough time 'cuz the dough is thick! Now, excuse me while I go finish off a couple that I hid in the cupboard."

-Rick Young

Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Cookies

"Tried these last Christmas season for my cookie platters. They ended up being my husband's favorite out of a dozen different types of cookies! I dipped them in semisweet chocolate and sprinkled them with red and green nonpareils. The cookie just melts in your mouth, and chocolate adds a nice something extra."


Monster Cookies

"These are outstanding cookies. They are very easy to make and everyone loves them. Warning: Do not put the M&M's in until the dough is completely mixed. If you put them in too soon they will be broken up by the mixer."


Chocolate Cowboy Cookies

"OMG they're good! I had one warm from the oven and I'm in heaven. They aren't the prettiest cookies I've ever seen, but who cares—they taste yummy."


Severed Finger Halloween Cookies

"I made these for the kiddies' Halloween party and it was a BIG hit, more with the adults than the kids themselves! The kids found them a bit creepy, some of them even refused to try it... more for us adults!!"


NYC Black & White Cookies

"I was born and raised in Queens; this cookie is a staple at every bakery you go to. Unfortunately we live in Kentucky, and none of the bakeries make them here . I absolutely love these cookies and they taste just how I remember them."


I Want to Marry You Cookies

"I made these one night and they instantly became our very favorite cookie. Everyone loves them with or without nuts. They are so good especially warm and right out of the oven."


Three-Ingredient Peanut Butter-Lover Cookies

Three ingredients; three steps. Who knew cookies could be so easy?!

Chocolate Cherry Cookies

"The cookies are moist and delicious and hold together very well. The icing covers the cherries perfectly. Maybe let the icing cool a bit before covering the cherries. These are by far my most requested recipe this year!"


Everything-But-the-Kitchen-Sink Cookies

"These cookies are FANTASTIC! A 10-star recipe all the way. Absolutely everyone who has tried one has raved about them. I made them exactly as written, using walnuts and peanut butter chips. Even though I think some various combinations of nuts and chips might be fun, make sure you don't omit the butter brickle pieces; they really add a unique dimension to these cookies."

-Marg CaymanDesigns

German Chocolate Toffee Cookies

"A nice soft cookie with a little crunch surprise in the toffee bits, and the after taste reminds you of a piece of German chocolate cake! What's not to love?"


Girl Scout Copycat Thin Mints

"So fantabulously delicious! Just like the real deal! I used Andes Mints and WOW! My son helped me make these. He could have made them by himself—so easy!"


Totoro Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Totoro—Miyazaki's classic creature next door—comes to life as a double-decker dessert.

Santa Nutter Butter Cookies

"I felt like a creative genius after making these. They were just too cute!"

-tara portee

Big Ol' Cowboy Cookies

"This recipe was HUGE! Not only that but they were amazing. I spent the whole day baking cookies with my Grandma and by golly we sure had fun making this batch. We couldn't help but sneak a bite of the dough here or there, it was delicious."

-xX Little Chef Xx

Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies

"Wow. I tried this recipe today and the kids are still chowing down. This was my first chocolate chip cookie attempt and it turned out great. The recipe was easy to follow and worded perfectly."


No-Bake Fudge Cookies

"Wonderful! I've made this recipe a bunch of times and like it much better than my old no-bake recipe. They always turn out just right. I've found the recipe can hold quite a bit more oatmeal than called for, that way I can justify eating them for breakfast."

-space cadet


"The best I have ever tasted. Very light and a wonderful flavor. Dough was nice to work with. Good recipe instructions."


Halloween Eyeball Cookies

"These were fun and tasted good. I made them for a Halloween party and my guests loved them. Tried putting the veins on with both a paintbrush and a toothpick, the toothpick worked much better."


Lemon Cooler Cookies

"These are delightful and I will be making them often. Very easy to make. I used butter and will add a touch more lemonade mix next time for a zippier flavor. I love the crunch and texture as well. I would suggest spraying your fingers and hands with nonstick spray before your roll them around."

-Chicagoland Chef du

Funfetti Cookies

"I love these cookies and everywhere I take them they are a big hit! I tend to take them places often because they are so fast and easy to make."


It's the Great Pumpkin Cookies, Charlie Brown

"Yum! I had some leftover pumpkin to use up and the kids wanted cookies, so I decided to give this recipe a try. I was a little surprised by how wet the dough seemed, but they baked up perfectly! Very soft and cake-like in texture."


Raspberry Swirl Cookies

"I followed this recipe exactly and the cookies turned out beautifully! Do not stop the mixing process until the dough is fully combined, which can take a few minutes. One suggestion I have is to use parchment paper for easy removal of the cookies from the pan."

-Janet B.

Soft Coconut Macaroons

"Just the texture I was looking for! These are soft and chewy, just like my old recipe (which I can't find). To me, these are traditional macaroons."

-karen bender

Eggnog Cookies

"I just could not resist adding a bag of chocolate chunks to this one. They were so rich it should be illegal!"

-Paul Turcott

Pecan Puff Cookies

"We've made these for years and put a cherry in the center! It's a staple for Christmas!"


Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

"Awesome cookies! I made a small indent in the cookie and added a teaspoon of strawberry preserves. You'll want to let them cool before you taste them; the jam stays hot for a bit. Yum!"


Cream Cheese Cut-Out Cookies

"Definitely my new go-to sugar cookie recipe. Very delicious and sweet but with a tiny hint of tartness from the cream cheese that makes them special and just simply perfect."


Greek Melomakarona Cookies

"I was looking for a recipe for authentic Melomakarona that I could make this holiday season as a nostalgic treat for my Greek husband, and this recipe really fit the bill! I used a typical oblong ice cream scooper to pack the raw cookie dough into flattened egg-shaped cylinders. It worked like a charm!"


Apple Crisp Cookies

"Mmmm... portable apple crisps. Delicious. Tastes exactly like apple crisp! I did use fresh apples instead of dried ones. They turned out perfectly."

-Pink Kitchenaid Lov

Soft & Chewy Sugar Cookies

"These are delicious! I used a small cookie scoop and got quite a few. Perfect size for just a couple bites. I rolled them in sprinkles. I’m making them again, they’re that good!"


Mrs. Fields' Chocolate Chip Cookies

"This is my favorite cookie recipe ever. I always make about a quarter of the amount posted, using just one stick of butter, etc. But these come out AMAZING every time, crunchy and puffy. Everyone loves these."

-Holly Blackwell

Quinoa Tahini Cookies

"These cookies are amazing! They are so yummy with a perfect crunchy, soft texture. Mmm, addictive! The quinoa gives them such a crunchy twist and yummy nutty flavor. What a cool idea to add that to a cookie recipe!"


Gluten-Free Dutch Sugar Cookies

"This is the best gluten-free sugar cookie recipe I have ever tried! The dough is very easy to work with—great for making holiday cookies with kids. The taste and texture are excellent."


White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies

"Delicious! White chocolate and craisins are a perfect combination in these cookies. I didn't have any brandy so I used a tablespoon of orange juice with no problems."


Red Velvet Cookies

"I just made this last week and, oh boy, were they a hit! They came out great. Reviews I got from people: decadent, luscious, even SEXY! I added chocolate chips (half a bag) to the dough, it gave a little something extra."

-Weird Al Loser

Mexican Wedding Cookies

"I love this recipe! I use chopped pecans for the nuts. This recipe is absolutely a must try! These cookies homemade are much better than the store brand."

-rachel hemenway

Coconut Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

"Wow is all I can say. Tried to freeze these to stop me eating them. Didn't work. They are good frozen too."

-pete w.

M&M Cookies

"This recipe was fantastic. I followed it exactly and they came out perfectly, chewy and not cake like at all. The cookies did spread a lot more while baking than I expected them to."


Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Ball Cookies

"Don't panic if they seem really crumbly and hard to mix. I just kept working the dough into the balls and they were fantastic! I served them both cold and room temperature and they were devoured both ways. They are a nice change from your usual chocolate chip or peanut butter cookie."

-Bev erly

No-Bake Bourbon Balls

"Super good and so easy! I made these ahead of time and allowed them to sit in the fridge in a sealed container for three days before handing them out to my friends and family. Lots of requests for more!"


Soft & Chewy Vanilla Butter Cookies

"Absolutely wonderful! My husband is literally addicted to these cookies. I made my first batch with the butter-flavored Crisco and they were good, but when I switched the Crisco for real butter the cookies were light-years better."


Fluffy Molasses Cookies

"I made these for a friend who thought a good cookie needs chocolate. Now she requests these when she visits. They stay fresh and soft for quite a few days."

-Seattle Lori

Easy Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookies

"Absolutely loved this recipe! They were so easy, tasty, and turned out beautifully! I will definitely make these again. I love that you don't have to worry about flat, unattractive cookies (which is nice when you're taking them somewhere to share!)"

-Auntie Jess

Meringue Cookies

"Delicious! I didn't have a double boiler, so I improvised. I put a sauce pan on the stove water in it, then nested a large metal bowl over it. Worked like a charm."

-Janie C.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

"I've made it a number of times, and last week even made it two days in a row! It's super easy, and a real crowd pleaser, and is right up the top of my list!"


Bailey's Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

"These are great cookies! I was quite surprised that they stayed together into nice round cookies. They do not spread at all and crinkle a bit around the edges."


Gluten-Free Chocolate Snowball Cookies

"Incredible! No one would guess these are grain- and gluten-free. I placed the rolled cookies in the freezer until firm before baking them, this kept them from spreading too much."


No-Bake Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

"Chocolate and cherries are a match made in heaven. I made these for my holiday goodies and they went over like you would not believe! The cherries still were juicy and just burst in your mouth when you chomped down on them."

-Redneck Epicurean

Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies

"Rich chocolate chip brownies in cookie form, with a hint of espresso."

-Andrea P.

Three-Ingredient Chewy Macaroons

"Wow! These are excellent! I found scooping them to be a challenge until I started scooping with a large spoon and using my fingers to slide it onto the cookie sheet. They have a sweet and toasty flavor to them."


Peanut Butter S'mores Skillet Cookie

This epic skillet cookie is packed with marshmallows, chocolate, peanut butter and graham crackers, making it perfect for your campfire or backyard cookout.

Caramel-Stuffed Crinkle Skillet Cookie

Even a cookie monster can't resist a festive, caramel-stuffed chocolate cookie created in a rustic cast iron skillet.

Milk & Cookie Cups

"I thought these cookie cups were really cute! When I first baked them, the cookie dough ‘cups’ mostly lost their shape but, as directed, pressing them back into a cup shape part way through baking rectifies this."

-Izy Hossack

Pusheen Sugar Cookies

Meow! These cute sugar cookie cats will have kids and adults fawning—and enjoying!

Maple Cinnamon-Glazed Bacon & Chocolate Chip Cookies

"The bacon adds a lot of flavor to these cookies and of course compliments the maple flavor beautifully."


Raspberry Lemon Thumbprint Cookies

"Make sure that you are commited to making these cookies every year, because people will come hunt you down if you don't bring them more! These are far and away THE favorite cookie of my family and friends for the last several years running."

-Chef Capsaicin Jen

Martha Stewart's Oatmeal Cookies

"These are simply the best! I had no problems at all, and found that I liked the fact that the cookie spread a little bit! All bites were chewy with a little crunch."


Nanny's Pumpkin Cookies with Maple Penuche Frosting

"Stop what you're doing right now and make these cookies. Don't change anything, just make them. Texture, flavor and everything else is perfect and the icing works for all kinds of sweet breads (banana, zucchini, etc.)."


Peanut Butter Pretzel Cookies

"Awesome cookies! I am a total pretzel freak, so when I saw these cookies I knew I just had to give them a go. Love the sweet-salty combo. A definite repeat."


Giant Glowing Pumpkin Cookies

"We frosted the tops with colored frosting and then decorated with jimmies. My kids had fun decorating them!"


Jackie's Apple Pie Crisp Cookies

"Delicious cookies! I definitely enjoyed these more a day after they were baked. But I found I would have liked some spices in the cookie dough as well. All in all, I enjoyed these a great deal."

-Roxanne J.R.

Gingerbread Skeletons

"I used these with dinosaur cookie cutters. They looked like fossils—so cute! They were a big hit for my son's dinosaur birthday party!"


Caramel Apple Cookies

"We loved these! Nice change of pace from the usual chocolate chip. The caramel is awesome. These would be perfect for fall."

-Liza at

Goalpost Cookies

Touchdown! Score big at your next tailgating party with these adorable sugar cookies, which are coated in colorful, football-themed sprinkles and frosting.

Lemon Basil Curd Cookies

Crisp butter cookies filled with a sweet lemon-basil curd. It's got all the vibrant freshness you've been craving.

Five-Spice & Cranberry Mooncake Cookies

Traditionally enjoyed during the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival, mooncakes are a tasty and beautiful treat for fall. Rebecca Firth combines her sturdy sugar cookies with cranberries, five-spice, white chocolate, nuts and a citrus glaze.

Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

Forget butter and margarine, this Mediterranean-style recipe use olive oil to bake a tender, moist cookie.

Poinsettia Pull-Apart Cookies

"I really enjoyed making these cookies. Directions were right on! And the best part... they were delicious!"


Chocolate Cookarolis

"The gooey center is so good and I can't stop thinking of ways to make these fried cookies even more decadent! I want to put chocolate sauce on top, or try to make them with jam in the center, or try a cinnamon-sugar version..."

-Chef Jean

Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

"Terrific little recipe. The pudding makes a huge difference. Kids love 'em!"

-GEEs momma

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

"I never write reviews, and joined this network solely to write this one! This is really the best cookie recipe ever. They are so good I have to get them out of my house or I will eat them all!"


Low-Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies

"This recipe is superb! I have a friend with Lyme disease; he cannot have a lot of sugar, and he LOVES these! I've made the recipe several times and usually triple my batches because they go so quickly."

-Tina Howe

Bonus: Texas Cowboy Cookies in a Jar

"I received this cookie mix for Christmas one year and have continued using the recipe. I love chocolate chip cookies and these are my favorite! I've also discovered that without the oats and chocolate, these also make great sugar cookies."