82 Easy Ways to Make Indian Food At Home

Looking to spice up your weekly meal rotation without going to a restaurant or getting takeout delivered? Whether you're looking for curries, rice preparations, beverages or desserts, we've got a huge selection of Indian recipes to choose from.

Curated by Ethan Johns

Palak Paneer

"I've made this recipe several times now and I found this to be very true to the best restaurant version I've had. Paneer cubes are super easy to make, but Mexican queso blanco works very well, too."

-Dana P.

Baked Potato Samosas

"I really loved these samosas. Very easy. Not spicy, even with the jalapeño it called for, but a great flavor with the spice combo. I ended up having to use pre-formed frozen pie crust, which I defrosted and pulled out of the pie plate. A quick swipe with the rolling pin and it worked perfectly. They were easy to fold up with egg wash on all of the sides."


Onion Bhaji

"These fried onion bites are a famous Indian snack, often used as a starter to the main meal. Easy to make and good to eat. An essential part of your curry."

-Brian Holley

Gulab Jamun

These sweet dough fritters are a popular snack in India—though their historical home was medieval Iran. The dense batter, made with powdered milk and flour, is fried slowly at a low temperature until the balls are golden brown. Then, they're served in a cardamom-saffron syrup.

Mango Mint Chutney

A sweet mango sauce, spiced with curry powder, ginger and red pepper. With fresh mint, it can complement any savory dish.

Puran Poli

These sweet flatbreads are a common treat for Holi. With split peas, cardamom, saffron and nutmeg, the flavors are rich and varied. Slather them with a scoop of ghee to make them extra-special.

Ginger Lemonade Sekanji

“This was a surprise beverage for me! I used only 1/4 teaspoon of cumin and left the ginger in. Thanks for another different cocktail (I think it would be fantastic with gin or vodka)!”


Chicken Tikka Masala

"I just love tikka masala but have never been brave enough to try it at home. But this recipe wasn't too hard and it was better—I think—than local take-out restaurants."



"I could not believe how easy this was. First time I've ever made naan, and they turned out perfectly in a cast iron skillet. They turned out perfectly soft and pillowy. It looked even better than the photos."

-Trystan G.

Gajar Ka Halwa

This sweet pudding is made by mixing shredded carrots with milk, sugar and spices, then reducing the liquid to create a soft, spiced dessert.

Dal Chilla

"Chilla—light and healthy savory pancakes—are a popular snack in Kolkata and many other parts of India. They taste wonderful with Coriander and Spinach Chutney or Chilli and Garlic Chutney and with dal or a potato curry."

-Chetna Makan, author of Chai, Chaat & Chutney

The Best Biryani

"A great recipe! I followed some other reviewers' suggestions and made less rice than stated. I cooked about 4 cups of basmati rice and it was the perfect amount."

-Jonathan Melendez

Batata Vada

“I made these for snacks this evening and my home a heaven for all who came by today. Everyone really gobbled these down like there was no tomorrow. You should have been here to see it!”


Chicken Korma

"This is one of the best chicken korma recipes I've ever made! Tastes just like restaurant quality, and comes together in under 30 minutes."

-Probably This

Mango Lassi

"I've always loved a mango lassi, especially when eating at my local Indian place. This one was amazing and I'm so happy that I can make it at home for myself now.”

-Jonathan Melendez

Homemade Jalebis

Jalebi is a popular dessert in parts of India. Dough is piped then fried in ghee. Once crisp and out of the oil, it soaks in a saffron-infused sugar syrup.


“I’m Indian and have had kulfi in India and here in the States too many times to count. This recipe is excellent and is as close as you can get (if not exact) to real kulfi from Indian restaurants…and it's super easy! Just FYI: it's supposed to be a little icy and hard and not creamy like vanilla ice cream.”


Thandai (Indian Almond Drink)

"I loved this drink so much. It was like an horchata but with Indian flavors and it was great. Served with ice and garnished with a bit of dried rose petals! It's a great recipe."

-Jonathan Melendez

Burfi a La Yamuna (Indian Fudge)

"These were the perfect blend of sweetness and slight savoriness thanks to the pistachios I added. Not too sweet. They didn't last long in my house."

-Jonathan Melendez

Mur'mur'ya C'a Chiwda

Chiwda is a sweet-and-salty snack mix made with puffed rice. This version is made with peanuts, dried coconuts, lentil noodles, chilies and raisins, and is tied together by a fresh mix of ginger, lime, cumin, and curry leaves.


"I can't get over how delicious these were! Crisp and flaky with just a hint of sweetness. I'm not one for overly sweet treats and so this was perfect. Just a heads up, this recipe makes a TON!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Restaurant-Style Tandoori Chicken

"I'm Punjabi and I was so impressed with this recipe! I love tandoori chicken and it is so difficult (impossible) to replicate at home. When I first pulled the chicken out of the oven, I was a little disappointed because it didn't look like true tandoori chicken, but the taste and crusty texture was almost identical!"


Shortcut Crescent Samosa

"These were very easy to make and had an excellent flavor in the spicing! The dipping sauce was delicious and was as popular as the traditional tamarind and cilantro chutneys. Definitely a keeper."


Sookhi Bhaji

"Terrific potatoes! The mustard seeds were a fabulous addition, and the color of the dish was beautiful thanks to the turmeric. They were quite spicy, and I even left out the serranos (though I did double the cayenne)!"


Indian Masala Chai

"I cannot thank you enough for this recipe. The irony is I am an Indian and always struggled to make that perfect cuppa' all these years!"

-Divi K.

Chicken Makhani

"Some of the best butter chicken I've ever eaten! I recommend removing from the heat, stirring in the half and half and yogurt and then returning to the heat... This way it won't curdle."

-Jonathan Melendez

Mini Strawberry Falooda

"Falooda is an Indian dessert that incorporates many flavors and textures. You can also add whipped cream and chopped fresh strawberries to add extra layers."


Tandoori-Style Chicken

"Love the flavor! I marinated strips of chicken breast overnight. The taste was fantastic, but I think I'll try this with a dark cut next time for some extra flavor and moistness."



"I've tried many different roti and chapati recipes, and I think I'm sold on this one. It's really easy to work with, nice and soft unlike other variations I've tried."

-magpie diner

Butter Chicken

"Super easy and fast using a store-bought rotisserie chicken! This was delicious. Great combination of flavors, a dish fit for company. We passed sambal sauce at the table for a hotter version."

-Chef PotPie

Dal Shorva

"What an epiphany to make lentil soup with mung beans. Definitely made for a gorgeous silky smooth soup. I got my split yellow mung beans at the Chinese grocer."


Spicy Indian Kofta

"Excellent recipe, loved by everyone! I followed suggestions and served with yogurt cucumber sauce (with mint, garlic and cumin)."


Matar Paneer

"A really great recipe. We used tofu in place of paneer to make it vegan and could barely taste the difference. Served over white rice."


Mango Lassi

"In India, lassi is considered a hot summer’s drink as the ice and yogurt help you to cool down."

-Chetna Makan, author of Chai, Chaat & Chutney

Gordon Ramsay's Tikka Masala

"This is really amazing! So easy to put together and the flavors are just fantastic. Do not omit the yogurt at the end; it adds a nice creaminess to the dish."


Channa Masala

"As an Indian, I have eaten Channa Masala all my life, and am happy to report that this is right up there with the best. Served it with rice and a cucumber raita, and enjoyed a wonderful meal. Followed the recipe almost exactly, but did garnish the final dish with coriander and went a little heavy on the cayenne."


Sticky Bombay Chicken

"A friend took me to a street stall to try this sticky, spicy chicken. The chicken could be cooked in a tandoor or an oven. Use wings instead of drumsticks if you prefer."

-Chetna Makan, author of Chai, Chaat & Chutney

Tomato Chutney

"Sour, spicy and slightly sweet, this easy chutney ticks all the boxes. I like to make up a batch regularly and store it in the refrigerator for a few days, so that we always have some ready whenever we need to snack."

-Chetna Makan, author of Chai, Chaat & Chutney

Chicken Curry

"This is the perfect accompaniment to almost any Bengali style curry. It's cheap, comes together quickly, and can be customized with different kinds of protein if you want."

-Soma R.

Aloo Paratha

"Aloo Paratha is one of the most popular Indian breakfast dishes throughout western, central and northern regions of the country. Aloo (potato)-stuffed parathas are basically unleavened dough stuffed with a spiced mixture of mashed potato, which is rolled out and cooked on a hot tawa with butter or ghee."

-Aparna Anurag

Chicken Meatball Tikka Masala

"Delicious. Husband and son loved the meatballs. They are not adventurous eaters so this is a good recipe to sneak in. After all, who doesn't love meatballs?"


Rogan Josh

This Kashmiri dish traditionally consists of lamb stewed in an aromatic gravy, but you can also use chicken or beef if you prefer.

Saag Bhaji

"Any Bengali household you visit will have some version of this curry and everyone thinks their own mom's version is the best. It may never taste exactly like her cooking, but whenever I make this, I am reminded of the times I hovered over her shoulder, trying to figure it all out."

-Soma R.

Vada Pav

This popular street food dish has its origins in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The burger-like sandwich features a golden, griddled potato burger topped with mint-cilantro chutney.

Perfect Dosa

While many dosas get their flavor from a fermented batter, these thin, crêpe-style pancakes get their slightly sour taste from buttermilk.

Gobi Manchurian

"Gobi Manchurian is an Indian Chinese fried cauliflower food item popular in India. It is the result of the adaptation of Chinese cooking and seasoning techniques to suit Indian tastes."

-Member 610488


"My Appams turned out very nice. I served this with chicken korma, the combined flavor was out of this world."


Cucumber Yogurt Raita

"Outstanding! We all loved this recipe, made it as written and was not disappointed. I really enjoyed the fresh mint and ginger coming through the yogurt. This makes a perfect accompaniment to any Indian recipe.

-Chef floWer

Pani Puri

A hollow puri (a deep-fried bread) is stuffed with a mixture of potatoes and chickpeas, then garnished with a spiced dipping sauce made with mint, ginger, mango and cumin.

Tomato Poha

"This is a popular Indian snack (a specialty of Gujratis) served around tea time. I am absolutely in love with it. It's very tasty and easy to make."


Medu Vada

"Medu Vada is a South Indian dish. This is made with urad dal batter. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Serve them with sambar and coconut chutney."


Uttapam, from Southern India, is a thick, fried pancake made of rice and lentils. This one is served with sambhar, a South Indian lentil curry.


"These are deliciously light rice cakes from Southern India, and can be eaten with sambar and coconut chutney."

-reya doucette


"Great taste and texture. I even made a low-fat version using frozen yogurt and fat-free milk and it still tasted wonderful."

-Rice Beans


"One way of 'cooking' papadams is by roasting each one directly on the flame, believe it or not! This gives you a papadam with a nutty, crisp flavor, and a lot of tiny black spots."


Venn Pongal

"This spicy rice and lentil dish is eaten in the south of India to celebrate the harvest."


South Indian Filter Coffee

"Though the moka pot can have a bad reputation, I really love the flavor and the intensity it delivers. Here is my own twist and my recipe for a good latte which can soothe you any time of the day."


Egg Curry

"This is wonderful! I put in some leftover steamed carrots and boiled potatoes and served it over brown rice. Everything all in one bowl."


Sweet Potato Curry with Spinach & Chickpeas

"Newly vegetarian, so I was looking for great meals. This one definitely is a winner and will be made again and again. The aroma in my house amazing and the dish is very flavorful and filling, even a non-vegetarian would love this."


Indian Lamb Curry

"I have made this curry many times and it is an absolute favorite, it is always so delicious and full of flavor. I don't tweak it much as it really is excellent, but I do substitute the black cardamon pods for cracked green ones."

-Jules S.

Super Easy Naan

"This a great recipe. So easy and works every time. I use it for naan bread, as a pizza base and it makes awesome dough balls. I just add flour after the initial kneading, which I do in my food processor with a dough hook, until it feels soft and not sticky."


Chicken Vindaloo

"We emigrated to Australia from the UK. Apart from the BBC, the thing we miss the most is Indian food. So we've spent seven years of desperately searching the internet for replacement recipes, at last, our search is over; this is the best Vindaloo recipe ever!"

-Brusti P.

Indian Samosa

"Instead of making the shell by hand, you can use phyllo dough. It's not too far from the real thing and saves lots of time. You can also spray on olive oil and bake them in an oven until golden brown for a low-fat, healthy version."

-taufiq h

Plain Raita

"This was a great raita recipe! I loved all the flavors of the spices within it, but I did add mint and minced cucumber at the very end and it was great! Went very well with the bhindi masala."


Saffron Rice

"I made this in the rice cooker. It's better than my favorite Indian restaurant's rice, but with half the butter, half the water and half the time. It's so good."


Pumpkin Chutney

"This tasty and long-keeping chutney goes with almost all cold meats, cheeses and curries. A very interesting alternative to the usual run-of-the-mill chutneys."

-Brian Holley

Sindhi Biryani

"Rather than the regular biryani, Sindhi biryani is more spicy and tasty."

-The UnModern Woman

Potato & Coriander Samosas

"A wonderfully tasty Indian appetizer. You can use ready-made puff pastry if you don't have the time or inclination to make your own!"

-Fairy Nuff


This dal, made from rice and mung beans, is simple and widely popular in India. Some have even labeled it the country's national dish.

Tandoori Paste

"Totally delicious and a complete hit at my last dinner party. I served it with Naan so an easy addition to any Indian line up!"

-Seema P.

Gulab Jamun

"Milk is boiled down into a thick, fudge-like consistency and mixed with the slightest bit of flour to form a dough. Formed into balls, the dough is fried slowly in ghee (clarified butter) and then, when golden, put to soak in rose-scented sugar syrup."



"I made these to go with an Indian meal tonight but I couldn't resist having one hot out of the pan brushed with ghee. Such simple ingredients and yet oh-so-good!"

-K9 Owned

Prawn Pakoras

"We used to eat these in India on rainy evenings... Something my cousins and I always looked forward to. But I didn't know how to make them. Thanks for the recipe. It tasted just like my mother's."

-Swati Banerjee

Aloo Channa Chaat

"This is a delightfully sweet and tangy snack or side dish made with chickpeas and potatoes. Remember that tamarind is a distinctive taste and if you're new to it, start with less and go by taste."


Dum Aloo

"This is a north Indian (Kashmiri) dish. Traditionally the recipe is made with potatoes cooked in yogurt, but my interpretation consists of fried potatoes in spicy sauce. It can be served with rice, roti, paratha or naan."


Chicken Korma à la Eve

If you're looking for a mid-week curry fix, this recipe is sure to help you out. This chicken is simmered in lightly spiced yogurt, then served with rice.

Gajar ka Halva (Carrot Pudding)

"This recipe had such good reviews that I thought to try it since I had loads of carrots in my fridge. So delicious! I It has to be the best carrot halwa I have ever had! In fact, I am making it right now for a potluck with my friends.”


Besan ka Laddoo

"This was the best laddoo I have ever eaten. So good and yummy. If you guys haven't tried it please try it; you won't be sorry."


Pistachio and Cashew Poli

This sweet, buttery flatbread originated in Southern India over 300 years ago and is now popular throughout the region. This version contains a mix of nuts and spices.

Fragrant Rice Pudding With Pistachios (Kheerni)

"One of my favorite Indian desserts; I love the rich cardamom flavor. Never thought to add bananas before. Fantastic!”


Onion Bhaji

"Outstanding recipe, easy to make and better than any restaurant version I've had. Tastes great and you can feel good about eating it!"

-Gandalf The White


"I've never heard of or have made this recipe before and so it was nice to try something new. I'm so glad I gave it a try because it was I normally wouldn't have made it before. I highly recommend it!"

-Jonathan Melendez