Mcdonald's Big Mac Sauce Copycat Recipe

"I found this in a copycat cookbook I got at the library. It is very nice. This is what it says in the intro for this recipe "This fast food classic comes from a McDonald's Manager's Handbook published in the late 1960s. The chain has since replaced the sauce with the more well-known "secret sauce." ""
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Ready In:
1 1/2 cups




  • Mix everything very well in a small container.
  • Microwave 25 seconds, and stir well again.
  • Cover, and refrigerate at least 1 hour before using (to allow all of the flavors to "meld").

Questions & Replies

  1. I'm just curious. I like Big Macs and have eaten my share. I always thought the sauce looked like thousand island dressing but have never tasted it to see if I might be right. Am I crazy or has anyone out there tried this?
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  1. This was amazing! I am a new vegetarian, 2 months so far to be exact. I have not had any meat cravings at all but yesterday I had a craving for a big mac. Big Macs were always my guilty pleasure comfort meal. I probably only had one 3 times a year if that when I had a really stressul day! I made this sauce last night and I put it on top of a veggie burger. I added a slice of american cheese and i even added shredded lettuce and tiny chopped onions like Mcdonalds does. It tasted EXACTLY like a big mac! I followed the exact recipe and I was really impressed! I have tried tons of new vegetarian recipes. Some were good and others were not at all. This new veggie burger big mac recipe will definitely be one recipe that I make again!
  2. I didn't have a couple of things on the list so I combined stuff from a couple of different websites and mixed the following and it came out great. 1/2 cup olive oil mayo, 2 tbsp yellow mustard, 1 tsp ketchup, 2 tsp dill relish, 1 tsp diced onion, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp sugar, Pinch of salt. Stir everything well, microwave for 20 seconds and stir again.
  3. I can't get enough of this sauce! It's now my go-to burger and fry sauce from here on out. I really recommend allowing it to sit in the fridge longer than just an hour if you have the time because it makes all the difference!
  4. Nice sauce. I also haven't had a Big Mac for a very long time so don't remember how it compares. But it was very good on my burger. Thanks for sharing Pink. Made for Everyday is a Holiday Tag.
  5. This recipe is totally inaccurate. Big Mac sauce does not contain miracle whip, French dressing, onions, ketchup or dill relish. All that is in Big Mac sauce is Mayo, sweet relish, yellow mustard and paprika.



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