Moist & Delicious Banana Nut Bread

"I got this recipe when I was 12 and have used it for the past 33 years and haven't found one better! My son used it when he was 12 at the California State Fair and won a first place ribbon with it. It is just simply delicious & moist. I either make a loaf or put it into muffin cups & make muffins for my kids to grab in the morning on their way to school. Using margarine makes the muffins come out in a better form, but the butter has a better flavor, so I usually use 1/2 of each to get the best of both worlds."
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Ready In:
1hr 20mins
18 muffins




  • Cream butter & sugar. Add vanilla & eggs. Combine dry ingredients, add alternately with bananas & milk. Add nuts if desired. Grease & flour 1 bread pan (2-3 smaller pans) or pour into muffin cups. For loaf bake at 350 for 45-60 minute Muffins 350 for 20-25min. Enjoy!
  • *Note- I usually use a smaller bread pan to make the 2 loaves, or use a larger one and just make 1 big loaf, but it will need to bake longer. I adjusted the time because people had been saying it was over baking, now people are saying it's under baked. I would use the old fashion test of a tooth pick at 45 min, then at 1 hour -- up to 1 hour & 30 min if needed. Hope that helps!

Questions & Replies

  1. First time making ..i think i did good
    • Review photo by Maria M.
  2. I don’t understand. The directions said for only a quarter cup milk. We tried that with the 2 cups of flour and it was not nearly enough milk. Even with the eggs and butter in the given recipe and it was like a big brick. We had to use WAY more milk to get it to thin out enough to mix correctly. How did you do this with only a quarter cup of milk?
  3. Good morning! May I make this in a 9x12 cake pan?
  4. Banana nut bread is what im making
  5. Please help


  1. My grandma asked me to pull up a recipe for banana bread for me to make, and I'm never going to use another recipe again... This is just the one! The bread was very moist and very delicious. I poured the batter into two cans, one with pecans and one without, as well as muffin tins and both were so good. The batter isn't enough for two cans and a muffin tin of twelve unless you double the batch. My grandpa smelt the bread all the way from outside since we had the doors open and he basically stole all the bread. Thank you so much for this delicious recipe!!
    • Review photo by spxceoddity
  2. Best Banana Nut Bread recipe EVER! Followed recipe exactly with a cup of chopped pecans and perfect results. Bread was very moist, matched with perfect texture & had the right balance of banana flavor. Easy to follow instructions and easy to make. Family went "Bananas" over this wonderful bread! LOL Recipe made two loaves in Williams Sonoma Goldtouch pans. (6-cup capacity; 11" x 5 3/4" x 2 3/4" high). Many Thanks for sharing this Prized Recipe!
    • Review photo by wooch47
  3. My partner said its the best banana bread he's ever eaten (but I mustn't tell his mum!) I did two big alterations. I used coconut oil in stead of butter, risky move but it turned out perfect. I also used Amarula (kind like Baileys) in stead of milk and because of that left out the vanille extract and reduced the sugar with 1/4 cup. I added 1/2c cashew nuts because that was all I had nutwise. Super delicious cake!!! Thanks so much for sharing.
  4. Best banana nut bread I've ever eaten! Moist, & great banana flavor. Nuts make it perfect!
  5. Never baked anything from scratch, I was used to the "box" comfort cake bake. So for the first time in my life today I baked your recipe and it turned out perfect! Thank you for having this recipe this newbie will always look forward to baking.
    • Review photo by Leonor K.


  1. By adding a little cinnamon and nutmeg it will give your banana bread much more flavor
  2. Used a quarter cup of light brown sugar and just one cup of granulated sugar. Also two tablespoons of light brown sugar to sprinkle on top before placing in the oven. I doubled the recipe and it came out beautifully.
  3. I put brown sugar and cinnamon over the top and it turned out with a nice crunchy crust, this is a wonderful recipe .
  4. On the Banana Bread, this is quite similar to the banana bread we made years ago in 4-H Club. It truly is moist and delicious. The first time I made it, one cold afternoon, when I pulled the milk out of the 'frig it was sour to the point of being thick. Reasoning that sour milk is used in some chocolate cake recipes I used it anyway. It made four of the most beautiful and delicious loaves I've ever eaten!
  5. The honey will keep bread moist for days past the drying out period .



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