Perfect Rump Roast

"For as long as I can remember, my mother has been fixing the perfect rump roast. It is by far my favorite meal. Served with rice and gravy, I am one happy camper. I love mine rare. Lately I have been fixing one on Sunday, having my Sunday meal and then I have the rest to eat on all week long. Life doesn't get any better. One thing my mom used to always remind me was to take your meat out well before you are going to cook it so it gets to room temperature."
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Ready In:
2hrs 5mins




  • Pre-Heat the oven to 500 degrees.
  • Prep the roast by making 4-5 slits in the roast and filling the holes with salt, pepper and 1/2 of a clove of Garlic.
  • Now Salt and Pepper the rest of the roast.
  • Put the Roast in the oven and sear for 20 minutes.
  • Then add the water, the chopped onion and reduce the temperature to 275 degrees.
  • Cook for 20 minutes per lb. I like mine rare so that is what you will get if you cook for this period of time.

Questions & Replies

  1. Do I cover the roast or leave it uncovered while cooking?
  2. Is there a way to put potatoes and carrots with roast?
  3. I just fixed this the other night. Hope you like it as much as I do
  4. Do you cover while cooking?
  5. Should this be covered? I didn't see directions to, but I read a comment where someone mentioned it.


  1. Perfection! I took my 5 pound roast out of the fridge a good 2 hours prior to cooking and used about 7 or 8 cloves of garlic. After searing I added a splash of worcestershire, garlic salt and onion powder to 2 cups of water (my roasting pan is quite large). After the first hour I added some quartered yukon gold potatoes (plus a cup more water mixture) and continued to cook (and baste every 30 min) for a total of roughly 3 hours. Unreal flavor, it tasted like Prime Rib; no kidding! Thank you Gone Fishin' for sharing your mom's truly perfect "Perfect Rump Roast" recipe with the world!
  2. This is a wonderful recipe. I made a medium rare, succulent, delicious rump roast for Christmas Dinner yesterday. Rump roasts have always been a challenge for me - they won't ever be again. It took ~25 minutes per pound at 275 for medium rare. I used 1/2 red wine and 1/2 veggie bouillon instead of water. The drippings were the base for a delicious gravy. My family raved - THANKS!
  3. The roast prepared this way is great. The only real change I made was that I substituted a can of beef broth for the water. The wife, aka the boss, loved it and when the wife is happy all is well with world. Thirty-seven years of marriage and five years of living in sin teaches a person these things. Have used quite a few recipies on this site and this is the first time I've commented on one. Gone Fishin, your mother must have been a great cook. Thanks!!
  4. @gulfwild: You cannot use a Pyrex pan to sear meat at 500 degrees. I found this out the hard way myself. It will shatter, even if you don't open the oven door or add liquid. However, you can't add liquid to hot Pyrex either. In fact, consumers are supposed to add liquid to the bottom of a Pyrex pan BEFORE cooking any meat or vegetables that might leak juice or moisture as it cooks.<br/><br/>Furthermore, on the Pyrex website, it says to never add liquid to hot Pyrex cookware (regardless of how hothothot the water was). <br/><br/>Your warning on this recipe is a good one for those who don't know how to safely use their Pyrex bakeware. Glad you weren't hurt.
  5. I am shaking as I write this because I just exploded my rump roast. Unfortunately, I used a glass/Pyrex roasting dish and when I slowly added the HOT HOT water to the pan after the 20 minutes of searing, the glass exploded. Now I have a royal mess in my oven and over the floor, no dinner, and a waste of good meat and money. Fortunately, I did not get hurt. Wow, what a lesson. My bad I guess. But I would suggest (for us novices) that you specify non-glass cookware. Don't know if I will have the nerve to try this again...


  1. This recipe is so EASY and so DELICIOUS that it has become a family tradition to have (me make!) this roast for dinner most Sundays! Not only does my meat come out flavorful and juicy, I get RAVE REVIEWS like I slaved over it all day! :) Color me happy! <br/><br/>Tip: I've been making this for about 2 years now and have been experimenting with different seasonings along the way. First, KEEP IT SIMPLE. The recipe is fab as is! I do tweak it. I use Montreal Steak Seasoning in the holes with the garlic, then salt and pepper the roast before it goes in to sear. ALSO, I use low sodium beef broth instead of the water. Happy Roasting!
  2. Seared the fat & rest on a cast iron (medium high) first (for a total of about 10 mins)
  3. Excellent! I had a 2 1/2 lb. rump roast....I didn't add the garlic (husband doesn't like it) and used Montreal seasoning in place of the salt, pepper, garlic. After reading some of the reviews, I used beef broth in place of the water and sliced my onion into quarters....the onions got all browned and delicious! I roasted the beef until it reached 150 degrees, removed it from the pan and kept it warm, then poured out the juices and added some veg oil to the pan and browned a couple of tablespoons of flour right in the pan over low heat. I added enough water to the juices to make about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of liquid and poured that back into the pan and whisked with the browned flour. What a delicious gravy that was!! This is really a great, simple recipe and I'll definitely use it again the next time rump roast goes on sale as it did today! Thanks so much for posting this recipe :)
  4. Marinated in white vinegar, salt, and water for 8 hours, then dumped, patted, and covered in minced garlic and minced onion for an additional 8 hours. When preheating oven, I stuck my cast iron skillet into preheat as well. When adding the water, I added 1/4 cup worcestershire sauce and 2 tablespoons of minced garlic to the 1 cup of water. I changed my cooking time from 20 minutes per pound to 30 minutes per pound, and got medium rare.
  5. I find it more flavorful if the searing is done in a skillet before the roast goes in the oven, then the skillet can be deglazed with the water which would then be added to the pan along with the onion.


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