50 Spanish Food Recipes to Make at Home

Looking to invite some friends over for Spanish wine and tapas, but not sure where to begin? Kick it off with patatas bravas and work your way up to paella and crema catalana. We've compiled some of the best recipes for sauces, bites, dinners and more to give you a taste of Iberia's essentials.

Curated by Ethan Johns
With contributions from Carlos Olaechea

Ham & Manchego Croquetas with Smoked Paprika Aioli

Croquetas are an essential for any tapas menu. These little balls of cheesy rice and serrano ham are breaded with panko and then fried to make a crispy crust.

Pan con Tomate

This humble tapa is really just a toasted slice of crusty bread that's been rubbed with garlic and fresh tomato. Add high-quality salt and olive oil to taste.

Fabada Asturiana

"The combo of chorizo, ham and beans was very satisfying, and anything saffron in it is good! I served this with a spinach, walnut and manchego salad."

-Da Huz


"I went to school in Seville and have been craving gazpacho ever since, but no restaurants here make it right! This brought me straight back to Spain! So light, yet creamy and very easy to make!"


Patatas Bravas

This classic Spanish tapa is an essential eat at bars in Spain. These crispy, salty potatoes are usually served with mayonnaise and salsa brava—a spicy tomato sauce that's packed with paprika.

Tortilla Española

This Spanish omelette with potato and onion is incredibly versatile. It can be eaten hot, cold or at room temperature. What's more, it can be eaten for brunch or as a tapa with a cocktail or glass of wine or beer.

Chorizo al Vino

"Very unique and tasty tapas. Perfect with a robust red wine or hearty beer. Pretty, tasty, extravagant with toasted bread. Bread is a must here."

-Vicki in CT

Lentil Soup with Chorizo

"This soup will not be very soupy, but that's how it's eaten in Spain. I've looked all over for a good lentejas recipe, also one of my favorite Spanish recipes, one that is not watery or soupy, so I'm thrilled I found this."


Paella Mixta

When most people think of Spanish food, they think of paella. However, to Spaniards, the dish is seen as a specialty from Valencia. This version mixes the two traditional paella recipes, bringing meat and seafood together in one pan. Can't find rabbit? Use chicken instead.

Caldo Gallego

"This recipe is simplified from my family’s original recipe from Galicia, Spain, which was made with ham hocks and salted pork. This recipe was for my family's Sunday dinners, so it is a slow-simmer type of meal."


Sopa de Ajo

For this classic of Castillian regional cuisine, a garlic-based broth is amped up with paprika, wine and bread to make a fragrant soup. Beaten eggs are added at the last minute and cook as they are stirred into the liquid, creating long, noodle-like strands.

Gambas al Ajillo

"I found myself searching for the gambas we had in Barcelona. This recipe has the flavor and creaminess of the dish we fell in love with in Spain! Serve with lots of warm crusty bread to sop up the sauce… You will not want to waste a drop!"


Crema Catalana

"Very much enjoyed. It had a lighter, looser texture than crème brûlée, with a delicate flavor. It was not difficult to make; I was quite nervous about over-cooking it, but it was fine. I made it the day before and let it sit overnight in the fridge, putting it under the grill the following evening."

-Karen Elizabeth


"Salmorejo is a cold soup with a tomato base—much like the ever-popular gazpacho. What makes salmorejo different than gazpacho is the addition of quite a bit of stale bread, hard-boiled egg and diced serrano ham (A.K.A jamón) served on top."


Pressure Cooker Garbanzos con Bacalao

This stew—made with chickpeas, bell pepper and salt cod—is commonly found on tables during the Christian Holy Week leading up to Easter.

Basic Spanish Flan

"I've made this several times now and it is always delicious. Easy to make too. I think I'll make some right now..."

-Da Huz

Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding)

"Made it for the family last night. Everybody loved it warm. Ate it cold for breakfast. Didn't last 24 hours."

-Brian F.

Sangria Roja

"I made two pitchers of this, one with red wine and one with white wine. They were to die for! Great for parties—especially during the summer when you are sitting out on the deck."


Thick Spanish Hot Chocolate

"So rich and so chocolaty... I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to finish my cup, but somehow I did manage! Next time I'll stop by the Hispanic bakery for churros before I make it."

-Ms. Poppy


These crispy sticks of fried dough are a common sight at street markets, but can also be found in cafés. Depending on where you travel, you might find them plain or covered in sugar. Dip them in thick Spanish hot chocolate, in dulce de leche or café con leche.

Garlic Oil

Garlic is widely considered to be the backbone of Spanish cuisine. Whether rubbed on toast to make the Catalan dish called pa amb tomaquet or whipped up in sopa de ajo (garlic soup), you'll find it everywhere. One way to consume all that garlic (Spain is a top exporter of the allium) is to infuse it in oil.

Gambas Pil-Pil (Chili Shrimp)

"Wow, never knew food could be this good, this fast... I want more!"

-Andi Longmeadow Farm


"Fantastic! The dough was sticky and hard to handle, but keep the flour close by and you can easily come up with some lovely little cookies. Mine were more "rustic" looking, but they tasted wonderful. I did not have a spray bottle, so I put a pan of water on the bottom rack of the oven."


Tostada con Tomate y Jamón

"These tasty tapas snacks are ready in just five minutes, and are the perfect accompaniment for almost any meal. If you can't find Serrano ham, you can use prosciutto instead."


Pisto Manchego

Similar to French ratatouille, pisto is a Spanish dish of tomatoes, peppers, onions, eggplant and zucchini. It can be served with a fried egg on top, or with grated manchego cheese.

Coliflor con Ajos y Pimenton

"Colifor con ajos y pimenton (cauliflower with garlic and paprika) is a recipe from the province of Murcia. This area is know for fine vegetables."



While you might think of mayonnaise as a French creation, there's good reason to believe that this emulsified sauce first existed—with tons of garlic, of course—in Spain. It's a classic addition to any fresh seafood, and as a dipping sauce for patatas bravas.

Papas Arrugadas

While these might seem like simple boiled potatoes, the trick when preparing them is to add a massive amount of salt to the boiling water. That way, when they are strained and left to dry, a salt crust forms on the skin. They're a traditional dish in the Canary Islands, and are often served with mojo rojo, or mojo picon.

Mojo Picon

"Excellent! I lived in the Canary Islands for many years and have tasted lots of versions of mojo rojo, however this is one of the best I have ever tasted."


Manchego Con Tomates Y Romero

"While this was tasty the night it was made it was even better the next day. I grated everything in the food processer which gave it a nice texture to go with the wonderful flavors. Used heirloom tomatoes and fresh baked French bread and highly recommend you use the best ingredients you can get put your feet up and just savor the flavors. Thanks for the post."


Andorran Escudella

While Andorra is technically its own country, sandwiched between Spain and France, its culture is predominantly Catalan. Escudella (or escudella i carn d'olla) is a traditional Catalan soup made with meat, veggies and sometimes pasta.

Pa Amb Tomaquet

"This is an absolutely delicious Catalan garlic toast soaked with tomato juices and drizzled with olive oil and sea salt! It can be topped with chopped olives, capers, anchovies or serrano ham and is incredibly wonderful when the bread is grilled and a good olive oil is used."



This traditional vegetable dish is consumed in Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia and Aragón. Grilled onions, eggplants, tomatoes and peppers are tossed together with lemon juice, garlic and herbs to make this smoky salad that's just as good cool as it is warm.

Rioja-Marinated Chorizo

"The beauty of this recipe is that is steeps in the wine for 24 hours, making it very easy to plan ahead. Serve in an an attractive earthenware dish and sprinkle with chopped flat leaf parsley. I like to skewer these with toothpicks, to make it easier and less messy to eat!"

-French Tart


This simple fish soup is a common sight on tables in both Portugal and the Spanish state of Galicia, both of which benefit from a large Atlantic coastline. The soup is made with whatever fish you can find, and is amped up with a broth of wine, saffron, tomatoes and herbs.

Spicy Seared Scallops Tapas

While this is not specifically a Spanish recipe, scallop shells are used as trail markers on the famous pilgrim's path, the Way of Saint James (or El Camino de Santiago), which winds through northern Spain on the way to the Galician capital of Santiago de Compostela.


"These tasted SO similar to the ones I get in Spain. I recommend adding flour until the dough becomes matted but not crumbled. And knead, knead, knead until the dough is smooth!"


Roscón de Reyes

The Spanish version of King's Cake features candied fruit on the outside and a hidden surprise (generally a small figurine and a bean for good luck) on the inside. While this recipe shows you how to bake the cake, you can also slice it in half and stuff it with whipped cream for an extra-festive touch.

Zarangollo (Scrambled Eggs With Zucchini & Onion)

"Extremely flavorful and easy to make. I thought that adding cubed cooked potato to this would work well too and may try that next time. Served this with a splash of tabasco and with buttered toast on the side for a nice light breakfast."


Ensalada de Manzanas con Manchego

"Yum, the Granny Smith apple, walnut and manchego made a delightful combination."

-Queen Dana

Coliflor Gratinada

"We really enjoyed this cauliflower dish. Simple ingredients and really easy to make. If you want the cauliflower really tender, you might need to cook it a little longer, but we prefer it a little crunchy. The only change I made was to omit the anchovies."


Arroz con Costra

This crispy crusted rice is typical in Alicante, a Mediterranean port city in Valencia. This recipe features pork and chicken, but sausage can also be used. The secret here is the egg yolks, which are poured over the top and then baked, creating a golden crust on top of the rice.

Sopa de Ajo Blanco

This version of garlic soup gets its white color from a combination of blanched almonds and crustless white bread, which are blended together with sherry vinegar, chicken stock and cream.

Brazo Gitano Navideño (Spanish Yule Log)

"A sponge cake rolled into a log with the filling of your choice. You can frost it or just dust with powdered sugar. The filling I use is dulce de leche with guava marmalade."

-Kitty Kat Cook

Pulpo a la Gallega

This simply simmered octopus is served on round slices of "al-dente" potato and sprinkled with plenty of hot paprika, salt and olive oil. Delicious in its simplicity, this is a great way to cook octopus if you've never tried it before.

Merluza a la Vasca (Hake in White Wine)

"This is a popular recipe from the Basque region. Hake has a cod-like texture and either cod, haddock or flounder may be substituted. The dish can be jazzed up by adding clams and shrimp or with asparagus tips, green beans and peas."


Horchata de Almendra

Valencian horchata is usually made with chufas or tiger nuts. Almonds are used here—since they're easier to find—yielding a "really good, creamy" drink "with a nice, light lemon flavor."

Stuffed Piquillo Peppers

"Spanish-style tapas, appetizer-sized portions that allow you savor a variety of flavors at a single meal. Piquillos are small, red, spicy-sweet roasted Spanish peppers. This recipe also uses Spanish manchego cheese."


Ensalada Valenciana

"So simple, but delivers big flavors. Marinating the oranges and onions makes this recipe stand out."

-Susie D

Mejillones Antonio

If you love mussels, then you'll love this tapa option. Mussels are steamed and arranged on a plate, then drizzled with olive oil and lemon and topped with a fine mince of peppers and onions.