41 Hanukkah Classics

When it's time to light those candles, you want dishes ready to satisfy your guests for all eight nights. Luckily, we've rounded up all the classics so you can truly shine at this year's festival of lights.

Sufganiyot Jelly Doughnuts

"This is an excellent recipe. These were light with just the right amount of sweetness. Half were gone before the last of the batch was ready."

-Judy 9

Super Simple Latkes (Potato Pancakes)

“We love potato pancakes in our house, but until I came up with the idea to use pre-shredded frozen potatoes, they were a once a year thing at Hanukkah. Peeling, shredding and draining the potatoes were a real pain. Now that the hard work is done, we can eat them all year long!!!”


Dad's Best Brisket

"This is without reservation the BEST brisket we have ever put in our mouths. The meat was so tender and the smoked flavor was intense. Simply amazing."

-Gail Blue Eyes

Rainbow Latkes

Use red beets, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, broccoli and zucchini to create these stunning rainbow latkes.

Hanukkah Honey Puffs

"This is an amazing treat! It reminds me of something my beloved mother used to make, but of course I never got the chance to get the recipe from her. My advice to anyone that makes these puffs...dredge your hands in flour and it will make it easier for you to handle the batter."


Hanukkah Menorah Cupcakes

"SO cute! I made them for the first night and had to promise to make them for the last. The kids decorated their own and loved watching as their candle burned through dinner. Thanks!"



"I love rugelach and these were not complicated to make. I made some that had a date and a nut filling that ended up being my favorite."

-pattikay in L.A.

Philadelphia Jewish Apple Cake

"I made this cake yesterday for book club and it was delicious! It brought me back to when I was a kid, and my mother or a neighborhood mother made it. I followed the recipe exactly and it came out perfect."

-Lisa B.

Hanukkah Gelt Double Fudge Chocolate Layer Cake

“This is a Dorn family tradition! Each year the kids try to outdo each other decorating the cake.”


Apricot Applesauce

"With Mike's permission, I made a variation of this recipe using pears and dried peaches. The flavors are delicious and very intense. Swirling in your mouth you can distinctly taste the vanilla, pears, and peaches, yet they also combine very well. So, applesauce or pearsauce...unlimited possibilities but really so much better than from a jar."


Perfect Potato Latkes

"I've wanted to try latkes for years, so I decided to give them a go. Wow, they’re delicious! I’m a complete potato addict.”


Butternut Squash Latkes

"These were so wonderful! I had never tried latkes in the oven before and really liked these."



Another name for a glazed doughnut with a jam-filled center and a dusting of powdered sugar. Try these out! You won’t regret it.

Famous Challah

"This has become the challah recipe that I will pass down to my children. Seriously, it's the best challah I have ever had."

-Ezzie's Mama

Mandel Bread

“The original Jewish biscotti. Great dunked into coffee, perfect gift for Hanukkah!”


Apricot Hanukkah Gelt

“This is a quick homemade candy delicacy that can also be used as a tastier take on Hanukkah gelt. After you make the chocolate-dipped apricots, read up on how to play dreidel and use the candies in place of coins.”

-Whats Cooking

Israeli Roast Duck (Or Chicken)

“I love this recipe and it goes very well with latkes and applesauce for a yummy Hanukkah meal. The original recipe that I posted here is for duck but I have made this with a roaster chicken with wonderful results.”


Tricolor Vegetable Latkes

"The addition of the sweet potato is a nice touch. I served these with a brisket and they complemented it nicely."


Zucchini Latkes

“Even my sister who usually hates zucchini liked this one!”


Brisket Challah Sliders

Upgrade your traditional Hanukkah brisket by serving it on fresh challah bread with red cabbage and carrot slaw.

Cookie Butter Sufganiyot Bites

Traditional sufganiyot are doughnuts filled with strawberry jelly. These ones replace the jelly with cookie dough for an unexpected treat.

Carrot Latkes

“What a find! Being diabetic prevents me from having potato latkes. These hit the spot!”

-Cook D

Roast Chicken

"This was so good. I was scared at first that the seasoning would be too strong, but I was wrong! A great recipe."


Butternut Squash Kugel

"This is absolutely delicious. It has the taste and texture of pumpkin pie, but infinitely healthier."

- Chef #701543

Loukoumathes (Honey Puffs)

"These small light fried balls of dough are drizzled with honey and sprinkled with nuts. These are loved by all Greeks and are a traditional Greek Jewish sweet at Hanukkah.”

-Charlotte J


“This was lovely, and I suspect it will be even more tasty tomorrow! I served it with brisket and latkes to celebrate the final day of Hannukah.”


Everything Bagel Rugelach

What a trendy, epic mash up! It’s like a bagel, but with the easiest crescent roll dough. Try it out and serve it as a side for dinner or at brunch.

Sweet Potato Latkes

"This is more "interesting" than plain potato latkes, though I must confess that by the time I got around to making them, I had run out of patience to use the the stovetop... I baked them on a sprayed cookie sheet. I don't know if that's why the shredded sweet potatoes were so crisp, almost to the point of being raw... the taste was great, though. Thanks for posting."


Chocolate-Cinnamon Babka

Try this recipe out for the ultimate filling to your favorite babka dough. The streusel on top is what makes it so addicting!

Mediterranean Chickpea Latkes

"These were very good. They taste a little like falafel, but not as heavy. I served them as an appetizer!”


Lacy Potato Kugel

“A fantastic recipe! I cheated and used a bag of frozen shredded hash browns and it still came out magnificent!”


Breakfast Kugel

"The dried fruits go great with the noodles and custard. The cinnamon also is a nice touch. This was very rich and super yummy."


Baked Corned Beef Brisket

“I made this today and it was so tender! Absolutely fabulous.”


Jelly Doughnuts

“Better than any bakery version, these jam-filled pillows are worth the extra effort.”

-Samantha S.

Cilantro Latkes With Five-Spice Apple Sauce

A dish that is colorful enough for a creative appetizer when entertaining, or a fancy afternoon snack!

Kosher Perfect Matzo Balls

“Excellent! These are full of flavor and very fluffy.”

-Andreia S.

Onion Latke Patties

“Very good! I made a bunch of these and put them in the freezer. I’m looking forward to seeing how they taste warmed up. I’ll be making these again, many times!”


Sufganiot (Hanukkah Jelly Doughnuts)

“These plain or jelly-filled doughnuts are a favorite treat in Israel and a sweet alternative to the traditional latkes. I generally make a double batch of dough, refrigerate it and pinch off portions as I need for fresh treats or for taking along to a Hanukkah party.”


Hanukkah Sufganiyot

This variation calls for baking the classic jelly-filled doughnuts rather than frying.

Sweet Kugel

"This is like bread pudding, but with noodles! The cereal topping was yummy and the pockets of cream cheese were very tasty. It's perfect for serving a crowd."

Gluten-Free Sufganiyot (Jelly Donuts) for Hanukkah

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here in Israel, sufganiyot are all over the place, and we don't do gluten. I've been meaning to make this one for a few days now, finally did it today, and I'm NOT sorry I did. I've never made these in any way before, so I was nervous, but this recipe was really great, easy to follow, and I thank you again! I didn't have buttermilk so I curdled some milk with a splash of vinegar, and left it for a minute or two."